Top 10 funny names in sport

Top 10 best names in sport

Whilst lower league English football clubs like a 6ft centre half with a name like Bob or John, in the wider world of sport there are some far more interesting names. We take a look at some names you probably think we’ve made up but true they are. In no particular order…

1) Misty Hyman – Misty Hyman may sound like some sort of glorious tropical vagina-part but is in fact a former Olympic swimming gold medallist, having won the 200m butterfly at the 2000 games.

2) Rusty Kuntz – From one end of the spectrum to the other, Rusty played Major League baseball in the 70s and 80s. His real name was Russell but we prefer Rusty.

3) Dong Dong – Moving from Kunts to Dongs and we have Chinese trampoline gold medallist from London 2012, Dong Dong. His name would be more apt if it was Doing Doing but double Dong is still pretty good.

4) Semen Antonov – Yes, Semen. A Russian basketball player. I wonder what the Russian for “No, you can’t go and play with Semen, young lady!” is?

5) Gaylord Silly – Ok, so, you’re surname is Silly, you’d probably choose a nice, normal first name for your kids. Like Jack or Dan perhaps. Well, maybe Gaylord is a normal name in the Seychelles, maybe even in France. The aforementioned distance runner has one parent from each country and, we’re confident in saying, took up running to get away from bullies.

6) Destinee Hooker – Destinee Dante Hooker is a volleyball player, not a porn star. She’s 6ft 4 too so we’re sure she’s a really, really nice girl.

7) Kim Yoo-Suk – Sounds like something an American says to their friend but actually is pole vaulter from South Korea. You suck Yoo-Suk.

8) German Sanchez Sanchez – Enough smut and on to just plain old silly with Mexican diver German Saul Sanchez Sanchez. He was up against Tom Daley in 2012, or Belgium Tom Daley Daley Daley as he’s sometimes known.

9) God’s Gift Achiuwa – Basketball player. Not that attractive. Looks scary though so don’t say I said that.

10) Wolfgang Wolf – Gary Neville’s dad is called Neville Neville (so is Phil’s would you believe) but footballer Wolfgang Wolf gets extra bonus marks for coaching Wolfsburg.

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