How to Bet

How to Bet


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Ok, you’ve seen us going on about Free Bets and Free Bettings Tips, betting offers and promos and top value bets but you’re not sure how to actually place a bet or join a bookie? This is the place for you. We take you step-by-step through how to join a bookie, how to place a bet and how to take advantage of bookmaker offers for a free bet. Remember, if you see a term you don’t understand then check out our A-Z glossary of gambling terms.

Step One – selecting a bookie

Before you place a bet, whether a paid bet or a free bet, you need to join a bookmaker. All the bookmakers we work with are hugely reputable, trustworthy and secure and details of them can be found in our bookmaker reviews. All the listed companies are ones that we personally use regularly and have absolute faith in. So, which one to join? In our betting previews we will usually provide a tip or two to point you in the right direction and will draw your attention to the bookmaker that offers the best odds for that selection. If you like the sound of the tip or fancy a bet on something else than click on the link to that bookmaker and remember that all the bookmakers we work with offer Free Bets to help you on your way.

Step Two – joining the bookie

Once you go through our link you will DEFINITELY get the free bet as long as you adher to the terms and conditions of the bookmaker. It may not appear on the bookmakers home page but don’t worry, it will be added in due course. Click on “join here” or “sign up now” or whatever phrase said bookie uses. You will be required to fill in some personal details such as name, address, date of birth etc and provide and validate an email address. As mentioned, these are huge and reputable companies and they will not sell or misuse your details. You will need to provide a method of payment to make a deposit – usually a debit card, although credit cards (beware as these may be treated as cash advances), paypal, moneybookers, netteller and other options exist – and this will always be via a secure platform.

Step Three – the boring bit aka terms and conditions

Like most companies bookies have a lot of T and C. We do our best to let you know these in our free bet basics sections on the Free Bets page but these give just the main points and obviously the bookie may change their terms. Different sports may have certain rules in the events of ties or postponements and free bets may have conditions, such as betting your first bet at minimum odds or not on inplay. Always check the terms and conditions relating to the free bet before you place a bet. These terms are not to catch you out and are usually straightforward but always take a minute – or less – to give them a read.

Step Four – making your bet

There will usually be a few different ways to navigate to your chosen bet, either via links at the top or side of the site or via the home page. Once you get to the relevant market the different selections will be displayed alongside the odds. Odds can either be displayed in decimals (the normal European method) or fractions, as is customary in the UK. See our glossary for more details on odds formats. Once you click or tick your pick (hey, I like that!) a betting slip may pop up or appear and allow you to enter your stake. You then may get to check your bet before confirming. Some companies may have an extra confirmation screen so make sure you have gone to the final screen and received a message saying something along the lines of “bet confirmed” or “good luck your confirmation number is xxxxx”. If in doubt, remember, you can always check the bet is placed by checking your balance has gone down or by clicking on “My Account” and checking your bets.

Step Five – winnings

Did you win? Probably, if you followed our tips or used your own super-gambling instincts. You can either check your balance or check your account history. You may withdraw the funds (again, check T and C – if you are using a free bet there may be betting requirements) via “My account” or leave the money there for your next bet. Win or not you should have a free bet waiting for you or soon to be added (sometimes it can take 24 hours to be added). Yay for you, free bet – free money! See our guide to making money from free bets for some pointers on strategy and what you might do with your free bet.

Step Six – your next free bet

Check out our Free Bets and Bonuses page for details of the best welcome offers around (T&C apply).

As always, gamble responsibly, never bet money you can’t afford to lose (there is no such thing as a guaranteed winner!) and use your free bets wisely. Good luck!

Details of promotions and bonuses and betting odds quoted are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change. 18+ Gamble Responsibly.