Free Bets and Online Betting Accounts

So you already have an online betting account with one of the top bookies in the business. You know how their site works, you’ve taken advantage of the free bet you got when you opened the account and you have them bookmarked. So the question is, why go anywhere else?

When you open a new account you get a lot more than just a free bet. You get better odds, a wider range of markets, more bookmaker promotions and offers, different ways to bet and of course a Free Bet Offer from anything between £10 and £200!

Better Odds

No bookie, not even the exchanges like Betfair or Betdaq will ALWAYS have the best odds. If you only have one or two online betting accounts then there is a high probability that you are missing out on better odds. You might not think there is much difference between backing something at 6/4 instead of 13/8 but there really is. On a £20 bet you would be £2.50 better off by backing at the better odds. That’s a pint in some bars! It might not seem like a lot of money but over the weeks and years it will certainly add up, especially as the difference between the best and worst odds can often be much higher than in our example.

Making money from Free Bets

Making money from free bets is about finding value bets and by backing at a lower price than necessary you lose value and therefore lose money. If you saw a bed online for £300 with a £25 voucher thrown in would you buy it from a different online shop for £320 and no voucher? That’s what taking lower odds rather than opening a new account and getting a free bet is like, and opening a new account is so quick and easy so it really is throwing money away to limit yourself to one, two or even half a dozen online betting accounts. They don’t charge you for not using them, after all, so if you get signed up, get the value out of the free bet, and then watch out for when the odds with that bookie stand out from the crowd. At that point, if your account is already open, you don’t have to waste time if it is a time-critical bet (odds can change quickly, especially with in-play betting).

Wider Range of Betting Markets

In the same way that no single bookmaker will always offer the best value, no single company will offer every market. By having several options you can cover every eventuality that you might want to bet on, from a white Christmas in London to who will score the last goal, what happens on the first ball of a Test Match or how many horses will fall in the Grand National. Even what cliché will be uttered first on a reality TV show!

More Bookmaker Promotions and Offers

In the same way that all the bookmakers offer different Free Bets when you open a new account, they also offer different ongoing promotions, free bets and bonuses to existing customers. Just a week ago I received an offer from Coral as I hadn’t bet with them for a while. It was a Bet £10 and get a £10 Free Bet offer. I promptly put a tenner on Trott to be top scorer in the cricket as well as the £10 free bet and am now £90 the richer. You’ve got to be in it to win it and the more accounts you have the more promotions, offers and free bets you’re going to have. If you aren’t a fan of promotional emails it’s a good idea to set up an email account exclusively for gambling offers, rather than selecting not to receive emails from the bookie. Trust me, it pays to be in the know where gambling offers are concerned.

Different Options

More accounts just gives you more options. By having lots of accounts you are sure to tick all boxes – mobile betting, in-play matches, different markets, different events, more offers, the most places each way and so on. You don’t buy everything from one shop so don’t place all your bets with one bookmaker. Obviously you will grow to have favourites but by having the choice you will make more money and have more fun.

Free Bets

Free bets are just one reason to open a new account but they are certainly a very good one. All the bookmakers we work with offer free bets and are listed below. That’s over £600 of free money just waiting to be had – what are you waiting for, Christmas?

Free Bets

Claim the best free bets offered by our featured bookmakers, ranging from £5 to £50.
BookieFree bet info and bookie reviewFree bet offer
Winner £25 Free Bet

Winner - £25 free bet details

bet365 - £200
free bet details

Betfred Football

Betfred - £25 free bet details

Bet Victor - £25
free bet details

Sky Bet - £30
free bet details

Totesport - Bet £5, Get £10
free bet details

Stan James - £10
free bet details

Bwin - £20
free bet details

Coral Sports

Coral - £20
free bet details

Ladbrokes - £50 free bet details

Paddy Power - £50
free bet details

Betfair - £20
free bet details

Sportingbet - £50
free bet details

William Hill Football Betting

William Hill - £25
free bet details

Unibet - £25
free bet details

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