Betting on both teams to score – strategy and betting tips

Both teams to score betting tips and strategy guide

Betting on both teams to score (BTTS) is an exciting, fun bet and with our tips and information on the best strategies to follow you can also make it a profitable one.

This bet has grown in popularity in recent seasons, in part because it is a great bet for a neutral watching a televised game. Seeing as you want both teams to score you can cheer for both sides and it usually offers value and excitement right up until the final whistle, or at least until the closing stages of the game.

However, whilst fun and excitement are all well and good, most of us like a bet to try and make some money so with our both to score guide hopefully we can marry entertainment and profit.

What is both teams to score betting?

That might sound pretty simple…and it is. Both teams to score is exactly what it says – to win the bet both teams need to score so any result from 1-1 up is a winning bet. With some firms, such as Betfred’s Goals Galore you can only bet on both teams to score, whereas with others, like BetVictor’s BTTS coupon, you can combine matches where you think both will score with those where you think they won’t. The latter might not be as exciting and doesn’t make for entertaining viewing but it does offer more flexibility and greater betting options.

How do I decide if both teams will or won’t score?

The great thing about this market is that it is one where trends are really, really helpful to us. Analysing what a team has done before really is an excellent indicator of what it is likely to do in the future because, to a degree, the ability to score or not score and to keep a clean sheet or not keep a clean sheet is independent of the opposition.

Of course, it is easier to score against some teams than others and likewise with shutting out the other side. However, it tends to be more about the defensive and attacking qualities of the team in question than the opposition.

It is also good from a betting point of view as both factors, defending and attacking, are very dependent on confidence and, therefore, tend to be streaky. Several Premier League sides this season (2012-13) have gone through runs where they seemed to score every single match whilst at different times even lesser teams like Norwich, West Ham, Stoke and Sunderland have all gone on extraordinary defensive runs where the confidence of the keeper and back four have made them seemingly unbeatable.

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The other great thing about backing both teams to score (or not) is that the stats required are very basic and easy to analyse. You can very quickly and easily see if a team has been scoring in recent games and/or conceding. You can also look at their head-to-head games with the opposition and see if there is anything there. Over the past few seasons games between Chelsea and Man United and Arsenal and Spurs have been throwing up some extraordinary sequences of heavy scoring and these have been really profitable for canny bettors.

Of course, for those who like things really, really easy you can always check out our betting tips but other things to consider are injuries to key goalscorers, the goalkeeper or pivotal defenders, factor in home and away records and to take into account recent form and season-long stats.

Quite often the bookies seem to give too much credence to the season-long stats and even the teams’ records in previous seasons. However, as said, this is a market where confidence is key, and sequences of around 10 games are not uncommon. Cashing in on these at the right time is crucial to making a profit on betting on both teams to score.

Which is the best bookie for both teams to score?

In our opinion BetVictor is the best bookmaker for backing both teams to score for the following reasons:

  • Best odds on the majority of games
  • Widest choice of games possible
  • Free bets offered especially for both teams to score betting
  • Can back both teams to score and both teams not to score on same coupon